Why B2Bgig?

B2Bgig connects service providers to service users. Service providers are often freelancers or small companies, although their customers might be much larger companies. Our aim is to help these providers get their word out.

People and companies needing specialist services can browse all our listings.


How to list on B2Bgig

Below is everything you need to create a listing for your business.

For a handy PDF guide, please click here (opens in a new tab). You can also consult our Site Help section for more guidance.

You will need about ten minutes to complete the process. You can then update and augment your listing at any time from the ‘User Dashboard’ associated with your site account.

Prices start at £2.50 per month if you take advantage of the early-adopter offer below. Review our plan prices here. You can pay with PayPal or by bank-transfer.

There are just three simple steps to get going:

1. Choose a listing plan.

2. Fill in your listing details and review it.

3. Complete the payment process to activate your listing.

In the above process, the specified email address and choice of username are used to create a site account. The password for your account is sent to the email address once your listing has been saved for preview. Please use your chosen username and password for subsequent login to B2Bgig.

Once you have completed the payment process, you will get an email saying “Your listing on B2Bgig has been approved & activated.” Check your listing carefully, edit if needed, and share the link to it (or our site homepage) with other people.

Click the green button to start your listing.

Marketing Agencies

For marketing agencies that manage social media for other companies, there are ‘MULTI-PACK’ plans. These allow for 5, 10 or 20 individual listings at a per-listing price that is far lower than buying single-listings.

To see our ‘packages’, please set the slider to ‘ANNUALLY’ when selecting your price plan and scroll down to find the one that suits you best. If you have a discount voucher, then it can also be applied to these plans.

Early-adopter offer

Until B2Bgig is widely-known, we have an early-adopter offer for new listers.

Please apply the voucher code 2AWaTZmaU9 at checkout to get a 50% discount. Discounts apply to all plans.