Creating your own listing on B2Bgig

B2Bgig connects service providers to service users. Service providers are often freelancers or small companies, although their customers might be much larger companies. Our aim is to help these providers get their word out. For people needing specialist services, it helps too – find all the listings here.

That’s the why. This page contains everything you need to know and do to create a listing for your business:

For a handy guide, please click here: Download
  1. First create an account or login if you already have an account.
  2. Then create your listing!
  • It’ll take you about ten minutes.
  • Prices start at £5 per month – less if you take advantage of the early-adopter offer below, that’s 50% off: £2.50 per month.)
  • You can pay with PayPal or bank-transfer.
  • Optionally, you can add images.
  • You can change your listing, including adding images any time later using the user dashboard.

Hint: if you are a Mac user, right click over “Download” to open the guide in another tab. That way, you can refer to it while creating your listing.


Once you have finished you’ll get an email saying “Your listing on B2Bgig has been approved & activated.” Please check your listing yourself then you can share the link to your listing and get feedback from other people.

Remember that you can edit your listing at any time from the User Dashboard in your site account.

Early-adopter offer

Until B2Bgig is widely-known, we are offering an early-adopter offer to listers. Please apply the voucher code 2AWaTZmaU9 at checkout to get a 50% discount.