Improving life during lockdown

There are many restaurants around the world that are currently unable to serve food on the..

Get claiming!

Many business listings on our site are added by SEO companies looking to provide back-links to..

The difference between a Freelancer, Interim and Contractor

A freelancer provides something against a scope of work, usually using his or her reso..

Another take on the Gig economy

I thought you would be interested in this. It is another view on the Gig economy...


I saw this and couldn't help sharing it here:

Launch Announcement

We plan to launch on 1 May. Until then, we're doing a lot of testing.....If you would like..

Site Testing

Today we have commenced friendly-user testing of the site. If you would like to get involved, ..


We would like you to blog here. You can say something interesting or promote your own business..

Introducing B2Bgig

Tim and I had an idea. Wouldn't it be great if there was a platform to help companies find the..